If you are looking for a safe and private app to chat, then you need to download Twinme. This is a great platform that allows you to communicate with everyone in a safe and fast way. The app will protect all your personal information and it won’t ever save any of your data. So, you can be sure that as long as you use this app, you will be protected. This is a touchy deal, especially for parents that want their kids to have safer apps. With Twinme, you will get the best protection for you and your family.

In this post we will tell you everything about this app, all the features and how to download it on your smartphone right now. Keep reading this article to get all the information. Let’s start!

How to start using this app?

The best part about Twinme is that it doesn’t need a phone number. This is great because then people can’t track or know your personal phone number. You can still chat with people but they won’t know about your personal information. Create your account easily to start, provide some simple information and that is it! If you want to add people, you can use QR code to add other people or let them add you.

You can personalize your profile for each contact. So, if you don’t want to show your real profile picture to someone or maybe change your name, you can do it easily with this app. This will guarantee that people won’t get information out of you that you don’t want to expose.

How to download Twinme?

If you want to download Twinme on your device, you just have to tap on the download button that we put in this post. This will redirect you to the app store of your choice. If you have an iOS devices, choose the App Store. If you have Android, choose Google Play Store. Then, once you are there and you see the app, tap again the download button. Accept the conditions and wait until the app is installed.

This app is available for free. You won’t have to subscribe or pay, and also, this app doesn’t show you ads, so it is very comfortable to use.

What you can do with this app

Twinme is great because it is super private. The app will encrypt all your conversations and videocalls, this way, none of the information you say or type can be accessed by third parties. The app doesn’t sell information or use personal information for their purpose. It is completely safe. Also, it is very personalize and adjustable. You choose what to put there, how to use it, what to show and more. You have complete control over it.

The app is great for kids since it doesn’t need phone number, they don’t need to put personal information there, it is encrypted and it can also add the contact through QR code. This makes parents feel safe, since the app is very secure.