Instagram is now the most popular social media platform out there and it has millions of active users every single day. One of the most used and ranked features it has, it is the stories. These are short videos that you can share with your followers where you can express yourself or even promotion your product or business. But to do this, you need to create incredible stories that attract the attention of people. If you want to do this, download StoryChic right now, a great app to create and design stories.

In this post we will share with you how to use this app and how to download it on your smartphone or tablet. It is a very simple process and you will be able to start enjoying it in a couple of minutes. Let’s start!

What you can do with this app

As we mentioned, the main focus of this app is to create stories to post on your Instagram profile. You can also create collages, where you can post different pictures to upload them to different social media profiles. The app offers you more than 500 templates that you can use and edit to create the best stories. Upload your pictures or videos on the template, add the effects, text and music that you want, and it is done!

The app is very simple to use and it has different tools to edit your pictures and videos. You can put text, music, and animations easily to stand out. Everybody can use it and we really recommended if you have a business.

How to download StoryChic?

If you want to download StoryChic on your device easily, you just have to tap on the download button that we put in this post. This will redirect you to the app store of your choice. If you have an iOS devices, choose the App Store. If you have Android, choose Google Play Store. Then, once you are there and you see the app, tap again the download button. Accept the conditions and wait until the app is installed.

This app is available for free. But if you want to access to all the features, then you can subscribe to the platform through the app to get all the tools.

How to start using this app?

Using the app is quite simple. As soon as you get it, you can start creating different stories. To start, choose the template you like the most. You can browse through categories until you find the one. Then, you can start editing easily. Upload the pictures you want and the videos, and then add the text you want to post. To finish, you can put different filters and add some effects.

Once you have your story done, you will be able to export your video or story with high quality to other platforms like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. You then can post them as your stories and start interacting with your followers.