Parler is a social media platform created by two conservative’s developers that has had a bumpy road. Since it was created, the CEO of the platform claimed that this app was for free speech, so people could freely express without getting censorship. That is why is called Parler, which is “to speak” in French. But the app got banned and deleted, and now is taking momentum again to relaunch. In this post we will tell you how to download Parler on your device and what is the story behind it.

What is Parler?

Parler is a platform that was launched in 2020, previous to the US presidential elections. It was created by two conservative’s developers and it was centered on the theme of freedom of speech. So, a lot of conservatives went and join the platform, since it was the only one that was allowing to spread information without banning or fact checks. Other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, where labeling their posts as misinformation.

The app got crowded quickly, and it was a place to speak about politics and share political content without any problem. Also, people wanted to use it as a normal social media platform, and share their normal pictures, videos, and other content. However, big companies like Google and Apple banned their app from the app store, so it wasn’t available anymore. And later, Amazon which was the host, banned the entire platform. So Parler wasn’t available anywhere.

The companies claimed this was necessary since the app fomented rumors and false information without any regulation, so they banned the account until the app proved that they were monitoring the content. Parler didn’t, but instead, looked for another host server, and now it is planning to come back better than ever.

How to download Parler?

Currently, the platform is under reconstruction and modifications. You can see the main page of the app where the CEO update some messages explaining the situation, so we need to wait until the app recovers and it gets relaunched.

Once this is done, you can tap on the download button that we put down below to get this app. You can download Parler through the link we put there, which is the direct link to get the app from the official source. Once it is done, you will be able to login or create your account and start using it.

What you can do with this app

Parler is a social media where you can update your status and share with other anything you want. It is based on political information, but you can find and share any information that you like. You can tag people, echo their post, upvote what you like, share images, videos, and so much more. It is a fun app that is similar to other social media platforms.

The main subject is freedom of speech, however, the platform has some rules about what content is forbidden. Check the platform!