Counting steps can be helpful if you want to establish a healthy routine or lose weight. Counting steps will let you know if you are active enough or if you need to stay more active on your daily routine to reach your goals. To do this, you can now download Pacer, a pedometer that can help you to check and count all of your steps each day to know if you are in tune with your goals. It is a very simple app, easy to use, that can track your progress no matter what you do and you can keep a detailed report of your journey.

Pacer is a very popular app that a lot of people is using right now. So, if you want to know more about it, how to use it and how to download it, keep reading this post where we will explain to you how to do everything.

How to start using this app?

Once you download this app on your device, the first thing you need to do is to create your own account. This is necessary so you can synchronize your account with different devices and you can keep track of your progress no matter what.

Then, when you finish with this step, you can start adjusting the settings of the app. This step is important because you can choose how the app will work. Do you want to keep it running all the time? Do you want the app to keep running just when you unblock your device? All of this can be changed and personalized.

Once you have everything adjusted as you want to, you can start using the app. You can automatically start counting steps and the app will give you a daily recount of your day. This way, you can know if your routine is enough, if you want to increase your activity and so on.

How to download Pacer?

If you want to download Pacer on your device easily, you just have to tap on the download button that we put down below in this post. This will redirect you to the app store of your choice. If you have an iOS devices, choose the App Store. If you have Android, choose Google Play Store. Then, once you are there and you see the app, tap again the download button. Accept the conditions and wait until the app is installed on your phone. At this point, you can start using the app.

Pacer is available for free. So, you can download it and use it for free. Join the 10 million of users that are already experiencing and enjoying this app.

What you can do with this app

When you download Pacer you get a great tool to count and track all your daily activity. Everywhere you go, the app will count your steps and it will tell you how active is your daily routine. You can use this tracker to do exercise, plan your goals to lose weight, train, and so much more. You don’t even need to have internet connection to use it. So, start now to use this app!