Movies and series are one of the most popular sources of entertainment, so if you are someone who loves this type of content, Netflix is ​​the ideal platform for you. Netflix is ​​a very famous app around the world with which you can access hundreds of movies, series, TV shows and much more. Download Netflix right now and start enjoying all the content you can see in this great app.

Start using Netflix

Netflix is ​​a platform where you can stream thousands of movies and audiovisual content. If you are a movie and TV lover, Netflix will become your favorite app; Forget about wasting time watching TV you don't like or spending hours downloading movies on the internet. Netflix will be the solution to all your boring days, so start testing this app right now.

On Netflix you will find an extensive catalog of famous movies and series, as well as a large collection of original productions. Among this content you can see movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, and a lot of children's content. Everything you like and much more is available on this streaming platform.

Learn how to download Netflix and how to use this great app by reading this post. Right now we explain everything you should know.

How to download Netflix?

You can access Netflix from your computer, Smart TV or mobile device. This app is available for smartphones and tablets through Google Play and App Store, for Android and iOS respectively. In this post we leave you the links to install this app without any problem on your device.

Although downloading Netflix is ​​completely free, in order to access its catalog you must subscribe and pay a monthly plan. Depending on your country, plan costs may vary.

By downloading Netflix on your smartphone or tablet you can enjoy all the content you want anywhere. Do not miss the opportunity to see all its original content that is always trending on the internet.

What can you do with Netflix?

After you download Netflix and create your profile you will have access to all the content of this app. Start by making a list of preferences so that the app knows what content you like and so it can recommend new programs or movies. Then just choose what you want to see and press play; the video will start playing in excellent quality without you having to wait.

One of the best options that Netflix offers you for mobile devices is to download content to watch it later. While you're on a Wi-Fi network, take advantage of downloading the content you want, so you can watch it later offline. This is ideal for not wasting your mobile data.

In your Netflix account you can create several profiles for each family member to see their favorite content. This platform has created some of the best productions in recent years, so don't miss the opportunity to be part of the great Netflix community.