Communicating is one of the things we do the most with our mobile devices; and thanks to Messenger we can now do it in an easier way. Messenger is Facebook's communication platform, and with it you can make calls, videocalls, send instant messages and much more. Download Messenger right now and enjoy everything this tool has for you. Start using all its options to chat with all your friends.

Start using Messenger

As mentioned before, Messenger started exclusively as the communication platform of the famous social network, Facebook. It is important that you know that without this app you will not be able to talk to your Facebook friends through your mobile device. Now you can use this fantastic app as a communication center for your mobile device, and even receive your SMS through this platform.

Through this app you can chat with your Facebook friends from your smartphone; and also with the contacts you have in your agenda who also use this app. Use Messenger to send instant messages, call your friends, make video conferences and much more.

Enjoy this app right now and start chatting with everyone easily. Now we show you how to download Messenger and how to get the most out of this fantastic app.

How to download Messenger?

To be able to talk to your Facebook friends directly from your smartphone, you must download Messenger. This app is available for Android and iOS; In this post we leave you the links to download the app on Google Play and the App Store.

You can use Messenger on your smartphone by associating your Facebook account and your phone number. In this way you will receive all message notifications through this app and it will be easier to communicate with everyone. You can also download Messenger on your Tablet, but in this case you can only sync your Facebook account.

When you download the app, all you have to do is log in with your Facebook email and password to start chatting with your friends. Download this app right now and start enjoying all its tools.

What can you do with Messenger?

Although Messenger is an extension of Facebook, it is also capable of working as a social network on its own. Having this app you can see which of your friends are online to greet them, send instant messages, make free calls and videocalls and much more.

An attractive feature of Messenger is that chats are customizable; change the color of the text bubbles or assign a different name to the contacts for your convenience. You can talk to your friends unlimitedly through this amazing tool.

Send attachments, photos, videos and links to share everything you need with your friends. You can also send stickers and emojis to make chats more fun. Messenger is a completely secure app, and all the information you share will be encrypted.

Download Messenger right now and don't miss the opportunity to talk to all your friends in the easiest way through your mobile device.