Messenger Kids

Since technology is gong everywhere and is taking more space each day, then of course, kids also want and need to participate. Messenger Kids is the Facebook bet to include kids on social media experience but under the parental control. Messenger Kids allows the child to chat with people that is approved by their parents, and they can express themselves freely with appropriate content. Also, they can have fun and play games through this app. To start you just need to download Messenger Kids and install the app.

Through this app kids can have the experience of chatting and using social media to talk with friends and family. But the app gives full control to the parents, so they can know what it is happening at all times and control if something bad it is happening. If you want to try this app and want to know how to get it, keep reading this post to find out how.

How to start using this app?

Parents can create the profile of their child from the Messenger app. Once the profile is created, they can add their friends and family to their account. Parents need to approved any friendship request, and they also can delete one contact if they seem appropriate. Kids can chat with them, send images, take pictures and edit them, send stickers and attend to phone calls and video calls that can be personalize with filters.

It is a very fun app but parents need to approved before. This way, everything is in a controlled environment. Once they have their profile done, parents can supervise from their Messenger what is going on at all times.

How to download Messenger Kids?

To download Messenger Kids on your phone or device, you just have to tap on the download button we have down below of this post. This access will take you to the app store. Once you are there, tap again on the download or Install button. Wait a couple of minutes until you get the app installed on our device completely.

Messenger Kids is available for free and you can use it for free too. It has versions for Android and iOS devices, so you can get it in different devices if you need. It is not necessary that kids have a Facebook account to create one profile here, and also, they just need an internet connection to use it.

What you can find in this app?

Even though parents have full control of this app, it is very fun for kids. They can access games, edit pictures and make funny edits. Also, they can have fun in videocalls since they can add filters and edit the image.

Parents can easily check the information and if everything is going fine. Messages cannot be deleted, so parents can see all the conversation if it is needed. Parents can delete contacts. And, if the kid reports an account or some inappropriate content, the parents will be notify about it so they can take action on it.


Messenger Kids