If for any reason you have not been able to see your friends as often as before, we want to recommend an app that will help you make the best virtual parties from home. HouseParty is a communication platform with which you can video call all your friends and have fun as if they were all together. Download HouseParty right now and discover the fun options that this app has to offer you.

Start using HouseParty

If your friends are far away or you miss your family, HouseParty can be your best option to meet and have fun through the internet. This app offers very interesting and fun features that will allow you to enjoy with your loved ones even when they are far away. Make group videocalls with your friends whenever you want completely free using HouseParty.

Unlike other platforms for video conferencing, HouseParty offers a very informal interface, ideal to be used by people of all ages. The idea of ​​this tool is that you can easily talk to your friends, do online activities and have fun without thinking about the distance.

Keep reading this post to learn more about how to download HouseParty and learn about its features. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy everything that this app has for you.

How to download HouseParty?

Before you start calling your friends, you must download HouseParty on your mobile device. You can download this app on smartphones and tablets. You will find this app on Google Play for Android devices and in the App Store for iOS devices. You can also find the links in this post.

HouseParty is a free app and you will need an internet connection to use it. We recommend calling your friends by connecting to a Wi-Fi network to enjoy better audio and sound quality.

After you download the app, all you have to do is create a profile with your email and in seconds you can start calling all your friends or family. HouseParty is an app easy to use and will keep you in touch with your loved ones.

What can you do with HouseParty?

HouseParty is a very different app to other tools available on the market for making video conferences. This app works like a social network, and every time you connect a notification is sent to your friends letting them know that they can call you. You can change the settings to establish who can call you.

Add your friends by searching for them by username and you can see on your home screen who is available to talk. Each video conference can have up to 5 people; If you're on a call with someone, you can add more people just by accepting their on-screen requests. So, you can make video conferences in the easiest way.

Within the videoconference you will be able to do different activities with your friends; for example, playing games, using filters, adding special effects and much more.

The calls are very safe and you can have fun without worries. Download HouseParty on your mobile device to enjoy all that this fantastic app has to offer you.