Google Classroom

The virtual class methodology has made it possible for more and more people to follow their studies from anywhere. Google Classroom is an amazing platform that aims to improve the way people view classes online. Download Google Classroom if you are a student or teacher and discover everything this fantastic app has to offer. Improve your online classes using this app.

Start using Google Classroom

If due to the Covid-19 pandemic you cannot see face-to-face classes, or if you simply take classes online, Google Classroom will be an ideal app for you. Through this platform, students and teachers will be able to communicate easily through tools that will improve the methodology of online classes. This app can be used by students of all ages and is very intuitive for teachers.

With this app, teachers can teach through videoconferences with all their students; Students will join through an invitation or using a link and password for their classroom. Assignments, discussions, tutoring, and more can be assigned. All these tools seek to improve the education of people around the world for free.

To learn more about this app, we recommend you continue reading this post. Right now, we will show you how to download Google Classroom and how to use this app if you are a student or teacher.

How to download Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a completely free app and anyone with a Google account can use the services of this app. This platform was specially designed for schools, NGOs and teachers to continue education in times of crisis. The idea of ​​this app is that more people can continue to have a quality education despite difficult times.

To download Google Classroom you can go to Google Play or App Store from your Android or iOS device respectively. In this post we will leave you the links to make the download easier.

After downloading the app, you must create your profile specifying whether you are a teacher or a student. If you are a teacher you can create a classroom and invite all your students to join to see classes, assignments and assessments.

What can you do with Google Classroom?

For teachers, preparing classes in Google Classroom will be very simple. In each videoconference you can include all your students, share files and show your screen to make the classes more interactive. Assign deadline assignments, post announcements, send notifications to start a class, and more.

Students can join the classroom through a link and password, or following an invitation. Record the classes to access them whenever you want, upload your assignments easily and talk to the teacher without any problem. In addition to talking to the teacher, you can communicate with your classmates through the app.

Google Classroom is safe for students of all ages and easy to use. Download Google Classroom right now and discover everything you can do with this fantastic tool.


Google Classroom