Editing pictures and using filters is the new trend nowadays. We all want to use the best filters and have fun on social media with them. We can upload the best selfies and stories easily, and edited in the best way. Now you can do this process with FaceApp, a tool that will help you to edit your pictures and it offers you some fun filters with AI technology that looks very real. Download FaceApp and start editing your pictures in some minutes, the best way to edit all your selfies and have fun.

So, if you want to know more about this app, keep reading this post. We will tell you how to start using this app and how to download this app easily on your device.

How to start using this app?

Once you download FaceApp on your device, you just need to create your account. You can sign up easily through your social media accounts or your email account. Later, you can start editing your photos. Upload to the app the photo that you want to edit, or take the photo through the app. Once it is done, you can choose what filter to choose.

This app has a big catalog of different filters that goes from improving the look of your photo or filters that transform the picture in a funny way through artificial intelligence technology. The app is very accurate and it will give you incredible results in just a few seconds.

How to download FaceApp?

If you want to download FaceApp on your device easily, you just have to tap on the download button that we put down below in this post. This will redirect you to the app store of your choice. If you have an iOS devices, choose the App Store. If you have Android, choose Google Play Store. Then, once you are there and you see the app, tap again the download button. Accept the conditions and wait until the app is installed on your phone.

This app is available for free. But if you want to access to all the features, then you can subscribe to the platform through the app to get all the tools. The premium filters are incredible too and you will have access to features that will help you amazingly to edit all your photos.

What you can do with this app

With this app you can edit your photos easily. You can access to incredible filters like Hollywood glamour, that can give you a smooth skin looking. There is also filters that can put make up on your, change your hair color, change your eyes color, change your face structure, and so much more. It is a complete tool to create incredible selfies.

Also, it has other fun filters, like changing your gender, looking like an old person or a baby, putting a bear on you, and so much more. These filters are to have fun and they look very realistic. You can edit your photo and then share it on your social media profiles.