Among Us

Videogames on Smartphone are one of the most popular content and games we can find. If you love playing games on your phone, then you probably know the famous Among Us. This s a game that got extremely famous in a couple of weeks after its launching. In here, you are a crewmate on a spaceship, and there is an intruder, but you don’t know. While you do your work, you need to be aware of these intruder because it is a killer! Download Among Us right now and start enjoying the thrill of these game.

This game is very intense but entertaining. It is a multiplayer game that you can enjoy with friends or people around the world. You enter the into a room, and then you can start playing with all of these people. Discover the intruder before it is too late and win the game! If you want to know about this game and how to download it, keep reading it.

How to start playing?

Once you download this game, you can choose the mode to play. First, if you want, you can practice all the task and know better the spaceship. Get to know everything well, and know how to move all around. Once you master this, you can start playing! Choose if you want to create a match or if you want join one.

If you join one in a public server, you will play with random people around the world. Choose the language first, so you can communicate efficiently with the crew. Then, enter in the room, and you can start playing.

If you created the room, you can invite your friends. Send them the name of the room and they can look for it and enter. This way, you can play with all your friends easily.

How to download Among Us?

To download Among Us on your mobile device you can tap on the download button that is under this post. This will take you to the app store. This game is available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS device. Once you see the logo of the game, tap again on the download button and wait.

Among Us is a completely free game and to access its functions you must have an internet connection. This app is very easy to use, and as soon as you download it, you will realize how easy is to play.

What you can find in this game

As we mentioned, this is a very simple game. You are part of a crew. You can be a crewmate or the impostor. If you are crew, you need to complete all your tasks and be careful of the killer. And, if you are the intruder, then you need to be sneaky and kill everybody or sabotage the tasks of everybody. But anybody can see you!

In both cases, you need to be really fast and start making your move before the other one!


Among Us